A different point of view

When it comes to Sunrise replacement windows, the difference is clear

We install only Sunrise Windows & Doors. From the premium materials they use in building replacement windows to the meticulous attention to detail applied throughout the manufacturing process, the Sunrise commitment to quality craftsmanship, superior performance, and unmatched visual appeal is evident.

Once installed, they really begin to shine — keeping you and your family safe and comfortable, enhancing your quality of life, and making your house feel more like a home. Our replacement windows are designed to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of, a home that is uniquely yours. Because how you choose to see the world is ultimately up to you – we’re just here to make sure you have a great view.

Window Styles

Explore the different styel of replacement windows you can choose from.

Unmistakable window elegance that provides the great look of traditional windows without the maintenance.

We understand quality and value when it comes to your most valuable asset—your home. Therefore, we’ve designed a high-caliber window to capture the great charm of more traditional looking windows. Our double-contoured Narrowline exterior mainframe adds striking curb appeal to your home, while our exclusive mortised locks and wood-style coved trim around the glass creates the beauty and craftsmanship you deserve to enjoy.

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Built to last while also providing the beauty, charm, style and versatility you’ll enjoy for years to come.

For a fresh, open view from your home, Sunrise’s casement windows offer a unique blend of charm and elegance. Two continuous seals of weather-strip around the window’s perimeter stop drafts from entering your home and provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Custom design enhancements offer the style and versatility you desire.

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Long-lasting, low-maintenance windows that can accommodate your unique functionality requirements.

Sliding windows offer a number of wonderful benefits such as easy operation and modern appeal. With two moveable sashes that open horizontally by gliding along the window frame, these windows are incredibly easy to open and close, and can be adjusted accordingly to allow as much or as little ventilation as you desire. What’s more, sliding windows are known for being durable. Unlike other window styles that rely on pulleys and springs to operate, our sliding windows feature dual brass rollers with a stainless steel axle that will provide many years of worry-free performance. And, because they are built with fewer moving parts, slider windows are one of the more cost-effective and low-maintenance window options for homeowners. The streamlined frames and expansive glass area make for wide-open views that complement contemporary and classical homes alike.

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The beauty and expansive views of a custom made bay or bow window is a wonderful option for your home.

Bay Windows

Choose from an array of glass designs, size, and woodgrain interior colors in preserving your home’s classic look! Our bay windows provide a larger center picture window with your choice of double hung or casement windows on the ends. A choice of 30-degree or 45-degree angle is certain to give you the ideal seating area you desire.

Bow Windows

Designed with stunning 3, 4, 5 or 6 equal sized sections, our bow windows give your room new dimension and symmetrical style. Select from a variety of colors, woodgrains and dynamic glass options to make your new bow window a backdrop of elegance in your favorite room. Bow windows are available in custom sizes and offer various combinations of ventilating double hungs or casements, and fixed picture units.

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Create picture-perfect vistas and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home.

Our picture windows can add beauty, style, and natural light to your home while also dramatically enhancing your views of the outdoors. Because they do not open, picture windows are the most energy-efficient of all window styles and also provide excellent home security. Moreover, since they don’t require any moving parts to function, picture windows are extremely durable and practically maintenance-free. Brilliant and expansive, these windows are stunning enough to stand alone but can also be paired with other window styles to create a compound window system that can give you a truly breathtaking view that’s worth way more than a thousand words.

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Decorate Your View With a Distinctive Garden Window

Garden windows from Sunrise® Windows provide exceptional quality that extends beyond the normal window opening. Popular for the area over a kitchen sink, garden windows feature four panes of glass and add a unique architectural embellishment to any home.

A garden window provides a great space for plants and flowers, or … you name it. Not only is this space functional, but it also offers a unique look and feel. Our garden window is made of four pieces of energy-efficient glass, allowing for a lot of light, like a mini-greenhouse for the kitchen. Operable casement windows on each side allow air to circulate as well. Choose from five solid-surface seatboard colors (shown below) to further personalize your nook.

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A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

Hopper windows are known for providing excellent ventilation, and when your hopper windows bear the Sunrise® Windows brand name, you can expect the solid performance and maximum security you deserve! That’s because we’re committed to providing top-quality craftsmanship, superior performance, and unmatched aesthetic appeal, and we ensure that every window that leaves our factory meets the highest standards.

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Time-honored architectural aesthetic and simple functionality that transcends generations.

An enduring element of traditional home construction, single hung windows feature a moveable lower sash while the upper sash is built into the window frame and remains stationary. The single moving sash configuration reduces air infiltration, which can help your home maintain a more comfortable interior temperature, and also provides excellent home security as there are fewer points of failure on the window’s locking system. The single hung style is ideal for securely accommodating window air conditioner units and, because they are such a mainstay of home construction, single hung windows are perfect for all styles of homes.

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Smooth-operating windows that are engineered to perform and built to last.

Our single sliding windows feature sleek, modern-looking frames and an expansive glass area that can impart a clean, contemporary aesthetic to your home while also letting in an abundance of natural light and providing you with crystal-clear views of the outside world. With one stationary sash and one movable sash that glides smoothly for effortless operation, you can enjoy cool, fresh air with the push of a finger and just as easily close the window for a weather-tight seal. The dual weather-stripping system and polyurethane window frame insulation make these windows incredibly energy efficient, and with fewer moving parts, single sliders are one of the longest-lasting and lowest-maintenance window styles on the market.

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Rounding out your design.

Sunrise Windows geometric-shaped windows let you complete the distinction to your home’s exterior view, while allowing you to capture more of the world around you. From the simple to the sublime, you can select shape, size and configuration to create your home’s personality and points of interest, while enhancing a special space with sunlight. You are the designer. We’re here to help you complete your creation.

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Striking visual appeal, convenient functionality, and style that truly stands out.

Our projected frame windows are perfect for homeowners who want to add classic appeal and a touch of elegance to their homes. Both visually striking and incredibly functional, our projected frame windows are custom-built and can be manufactured with any type of window, glass design, and color combination available. The seatboards, headboards, and side panels are manufactured from furniture-grade oak veneer available in different woodgrain finishes, and you can further customize and personalize these windows with modern and antique-style hardware. The signature depth of a projected window adds a visual dimension that can complement any room in your home, while the ledge doubles as a convenient and stylish place for books, potted plants, and other items of interest.

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Unmatched versatility, flexible functionality, and effortless operation.

Awning windows provide great ventilation and protection from rain as they are hinged at the top and open by tilting outward from the bottom, resembling an awning when opened. Because of this unique functionality and the fact that they are smaller than many other types of windows, awning windows can be placed higher up in walls, giving you the natural light and ventilation you desire without compromising privacy. When closed, our awning windows provide a tight seal as the dual weather-stripping system features primary and compression weather seals that guard against moisture and provide one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. When opened, the signature awning-like effect enables you to savor the fresh breeze that accompanies a rainstorm without having to worry about rainwater getting inside your home.

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